FROST began business in 2004 as a supplier of rotary embossing dies to paperboard packaging converters in North America.  In 2006, FROST expanded its product offering to include creasing and cutting tools, as well as the reconditioning of cutting dies.

Our vision has always been to engineer, build, service and sell the highest quality rotary dies for embossing, creasing and cutting of paperboard packaging.  A vision, however, is nothing without people and passion.  We are engineers, designers, machinists, and hand engravers wholly dedicated to the business of rotary dies and paperboard converting.  We strive for higher run speeds, longer tool life, cleaner cut and more tactile embossing.

In November 2018, Matthews International acquired FROST to grow its Surfaces business in North America and globally. Together, SAUERESSIG, SAUERESSIG-UNGRICHT and FROST comprise the world’s leading full-service supplier of engineered rotary dies to converters and brand owners.  Our market is the world — our customer is you.


Make something


We are always looking for talented machinists, toolmakers and engineers.  See a list of open positions below:

+ CNC Machinist (2nd Shift)

+ Handfinisher

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FROST is a family-owned and operated business established by Robert and Carla Frost in 2004.  With over three decades of papermaking and converting experience, Robert (with Carla's steady support and guidance) has helped converters and brand owners around the world to design and produce quality packaging for all major markets.  Their two children, Elizabeth and Walker, are also active in managing the business.